Range and choice

Curious Collection

5 universes to enhance your designs.

Explore the range of textures and colours and you'll find
a powerful combination to add value to any printed marketing
communication. This is a collection of modern colours and finishes
from which you can choose the one best suited to your needs.
Go all the way, liberate your creativity.





 Unique Look , Impressive Feel...
Let your hands experience curiosity.

Curious Matter is a new, patented paper that provides a tactile experience like no other: a unique and bewildering feel, like the impossible fusion of sand and silk. Its startling texture and richly matt, ultra-pigmented, homogenous surface are as surprising and revolutionary and will spark anyone's creativity.

> 125 - 135 - 270 and 380gsm

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 An intense magnetism.

With 30 colours divided in 8 families,
the new Curious Metallics offer refined
and sophisticated hues while still providing
high rigidity and perfect print effect

> 120 - 240 - 250 - 300 gsm

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 Amazingly matt and vibrant colours.
Ultra-smooth feel.

Skin offers matt colours that are amazingly homogeneous with an ultra smooth feel. The very fashionable bold colours heighten the quality of your creations.

> 135 - 270 - 380gsm

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Transparent bliss for creative games.

Classic clears, shimmering iridescence, sensuous patterns and hues of frosted glass. Ebbing and flowing in a waterfall of colours, the Translucents range satisfies the thirst of anyone seeking vivid or subtle transparent shades. Envelopes matching with paper in square size and selective colours.

> 100 - 112 - 200 gsm

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A touch of sensuality

Its peach-like feel, Curious Touch Soft is a unique range which confers a sensual dimension to your communications, provoking astonishment when discovered. It leaves a strong tactile memory. 

> 120 and 300gsm

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Curious Collection Digital

• Curious Digital i-Tone® for HP Indigo: with the best in category patented i-Tone® treatment, the Curious Collection range offers improved runnability and productivity as well as a wider choice of substrates: From Curious Metallics Ice Silver and Curious Translucents Clear, through the intriguing touch of Curious Matter and to Curious Skin Black 380g, you can now make the most of the HP Indigo digital technology on a selection of our finest and most exclusive creative papers. 


• Curious Digital Dry Toner: Whilst most of the range is compatible with the dry toner presses, the range in ready-to-use format has increased to help you avoid dust under the printing presses and to increase your productivity.

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