Keaykolour, a new spectrum
of 48 colours for papers and boards

The iconic range of uncoated papers and high-rigid
boards are designed for premium printing and packaging
applications. This range has been refreshed and expanded
from 20 to 48 colours, offering designers a vast palette
to work with.


What the range gives you:


  •  Impressively rigid papers and boards with a high quality feel.
  •  Uniquely and subtly textured papers and boards.
  •  3 new pastel hues (pink, blue and green)
  •  A range of sophisticated colours
  •  Extremely versatile papers and board that are a great support for all techniques and applications.
  •  New dark colours: Sequoia, Port Wine and Carmine
  •  New vibrant colours Indian Yellow, Pumpkin and Coral
  •  New parchment finish: Parchment Grey
  •  Sterling reputation
  •  All ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 accredited
  •  13 pattern of embossing, only from 1 pack on indent basis
  •  Special makings available (minimum order 2 tonnes)





















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