Printing  & Copying for Internal Use

Your internal communications must meet standards which your employees are pleased to receive.

Things to keep in mind:

  •  If you are producing your communications internally, multi-purpose papers will ensure you reproduce images to high standards, as they are designed to provide high quality print, as well as run smoothly through both laser and inkjet systems.
  •  You need to think about the different types of communication you are producing, as the tendency is to push the same paper through your office machine, without considering the importance of what you are saying and how it will be received.
  •  Everyday papers are fine for general internal communications, but you need to think about higher quality or even premium papers for those occasions when you want to make a point or to ensure more important communications are seen and read.
  •  Digital print offers exceptional advantages including the ability to reproduce colours and images to high standards, as well as personalisation, either with individual names on the front or with a different message for the specific target group of customers.
  •  Where environmental credentials are important to you, a wide variety of paper options are available to help you meet this need.
  • Digital Print

    Papers for digital print are becoming more widely available and this form of print enables you to personalise your internal communications in a way which allows you to target each person or group with exactly the right message.

    > Recommended Products:
    Maine Gloss Green – Satimat Green – Arjowiggins Digital Range